Gaze directed outward as the stone was thrown within
It traveled swiftly, tracing paths not unfamiliar, not quite forgotten

But left here moments, days, a lifetime behind, not frequented,
Now I see, as often as they should have been
As the cracks are filling in

A cobble, a pebble
On its own without much strength
Or gravity, especially
When viewed from the outside
But we forget the inner walls
Are gilded in a brittle glass
Broken in the past
Never meant to last
A bitter husk of ash
Left standing, standing
Four walls
The spores were sown
And trampled under foot

But what of their resilience,
Of what they left behind?
We still wander through the shadows
Creeping from the cracks
We still whisper through the echoes
Listen to the echoes


from Perfect Moments, released April 6, 2015



all rights reserved


Tiny Fractures Boston, Massachusetts

four people who write unfortunate pieces of music

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